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"I help people who are in pain,
were medicine doesn't work.
to treat the pain with Natural Remedies."

Customers Testimonials

Dr Adam Silk Chiropractic

Sandy – Customer Testimonial

Customer Testimonial

There are no similar remedies anywhere

All of our products are registered under “Witch & Fairy Herbal Blends” ®

Natural Is Better

Every year, millions of people turn to physicians with complaints about aches or injuries, and end up receiving strong painkillers or antibiotics for long periods of time. A large percentage of those who use painkillers find it unhelpful in the long run, and at times, have to deal with harmful side effects.  

What Our Customers Have to Say

What Are Our Blends?

ThePainHealer.com has the right solution for you. We offer products which are purely natural, causing no side effects whatsoever. The choice is yours, do you want to feel better?

BONIFY - The Pain Healer


It provides a cooling relief for exhausted knees. Simply apply onto tired ligaments after you exercise.

TEND-ON - The pain Healer


Provides a sense of relief and ease when massaged onto discomforted tendons (e.g., shoulder area). This blend is rich with therapeutic properties that can calm and relax you.


Almondex Magic Help

Contains 100% natural ingredients such as Helichrysum, Lavender, Calendula, Lemongrass, cypress and other essential oils, known as anti-inflammatory, which encourage tissue regeneration in bruising and sprain,. Almondex effectively prevents hematoma and swelling, and can help reduces pain .

LAVENDEX - The Pain Healer

Why Is It Important For You To Use Our Blends?

All of our products are made with natural herbs and essential oils, especially made for a safe and effective use. Our products offer relief and rejuvenation not only for adults, but for children and babies as well.

The NPS Products Are Used By Doctors, Healers And Private People All Over The World For Whom They Are A Lifeline That Saves Them, Each Time, Valuable Time And Particularly Much Suffering.


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