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I want to thank you very much for the ” KIDSpray ” kit, or as I call it “Magic Spray”.

I first came to use it “really”, was when my little one, two years old, fell from a staircase in the yard and was badly bruised on her face.

Beyond her teeth moving, her face was badly bruised.

I remembered the “KIDSpray” spray, which has been in my bag for a long time. It  goes with us regularly to the playground and is used to sooth little scratches and pain, real or imagined.

I decided to use it, and for two days I applied it, non-stop, 5 times a day. On the third day there was no longer a sign  of the bruising.

If I didn’t see it in with my own eyes I wouldn’t believe it, all the bruising, the swelling, the blue and green colors, that would usually go away after two weeks, were gone after three days, no signs.

Easy to use, with a delicate scent and most importantly all natural!

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