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Debbi Gez Hober


Like in fairy-tales, my story begins in the 1890 (no, it’s not a mistake), in a little village on the border between Hungary & Romania. As a midwife and the village’s healer, my grandmother used to concoct medicine from plants and flower tinctures. I inherited her passion for herbal medicine and the ancient knowledge of the medicinal magic of plants.  

My name is Debbie Huber-Gez. My journey in the field of natural medicine started 30 some years ago, when I participated in the first aromatherapy course in Israel. I then completed a Bachelor’s degree in the school of Health Sciences at Bar-Ilan University. I was drown into this magnificent world of healing, and became a “Reiki Usui” Master teacher and healer, and an expert in essential oils and herbal medicine. 

In 1995, I founded “Gisha”, a therapeutic center for the study and practice of alternative medicine, where I lectured, taught, and treated clients, while continuing to develop unique formulas for joint inflammation and pain.  After two decades of successful treatment of clients who found western medicine was unhelpful in curing chronic pain, and worse, was causing other ailments and terrible side-effects, I felt the need to spread my knowledge to other continents, as well.

In 2007, I traveled to the U.S.A. and founded “N-Pain Solution” (NPS), in hopes to enlighten this leading, pharmaceutical-oriented nation, with the secrets of natural medicine and its healing powers.  The more interactions I had with clients, the more I realized there was a great need to get away from cough drops and painkillers, and their long-term side effects, however consumers didn’t know what else was available to them.  Materializing this company was a dream come true and a fulfillment of my vision of a healthier, more natural world.

Today, N-Pain Solution’s products are a great success in Israel, Europe and the U.S.A.  Since we care about the environment, all of our products are made from organic materials and maintain a high quality based on international standards.

Order now the formula that will make your life pain-free.

Please feel free to contact me with any question you may have regarding your aches and pains at info@thepainhealer.com.

These products are not intended to replace a doctor’s evaluation and/or treatment.

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