Every year millions of people turn to doctors with complaints about pain or injuries that the doctor has no way of helping them, except for taking strong painkillers or antibiotics for a long time, even up to 6 months.
All of our products have been created following requests from those victims of pain to help them in relieving pain.

In an era where we strive to be healthier, to take care of ourselves in the most efficient way and with less harmful drugs, Debbie Huber Gez, Chief Executive Officer of NPS, who has been selling her products in the USA with great success for almost 10 years -   brings to us unique blends of plants and aromatic oils, of purely natural compounds that contain: plants, flowers, spices and leaves. The purpose of the products is to heal and to relieve pain in a short time, and to offer a solution to common symptoms and to pains for which modern medicine does not have an adequate response – or not at all, only through trial and error, is it successful or not, and of course, to spare you the use of medications known to be harmful to the body.   

What are our blends?

NPS supplies to its customers unique blends that have been developed after many years of accumulated knowledge and experience, and that are intended for a natural, effective and quick treatment of problems that cause us a lot of suffering, pain and limited movement.   

Tendonitisa blend of oils that provides a fast and effective treatment of problems of Tendonitis and   frozen shoulder. Read more...

Bone injury reliefa blend of oils that quickens significantly! the mending  of fractures and sprains, and relieves bone pains and arthritis. Read more..

KidSpraya unique kit designed for babies and children, to treat chafed and irritated skin, and all that children need. Read more…

Why is it important for you to use our blends?

All our blends were developed in order to help you treat pains and infections for which conventional   medicine has no solution or that the solution is long and requires a prolonged use of medications that create future damage.

Speed of recovery -  the effect of the NPS herbal blends is immediate – and already during the first use you will feel the relief. Using the blends will shorten miraculously! the healing process.

The healing and the relief of pains -  our herbal products penetrate easily and quickly into the body by a light massage and do not require the involvement of a professional masseur.

100% herbal  – all our products are purely natural – from the flora, and therefore using them is safe, healthy and harmless  to the body.

Increased treatment without fear – in the case of a difficult and severe problem, you can use the products more frequently without fear (because they are completely natural).

Convenient and available – our products do not require a prescription. You can order them online easily and quickly and begin the treatment with no unnecessary delays.

Pleasant and practical -  all the products and the blends have a wonderful scent and do not stain the cloths.

The NPS products are used by doctors, healers and private people all over the world for whom they are a lifeline that saves them, each time, valuable time and particularly much suffering.

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