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You certainly remember the “folk remedy” for lowering body temperature that suggested to rub vinegar diluted in a bit of water on the hair, and in case of very high temperature, to wrap the body with sheets soaked in vinegar.

Healing with medicinal plants has been in existence for thousands of years already in ancient cultures when there were no doctors yet only witch doctors who treated by using various plants. As mankind developed more, the better people understood the great advantages of medicinal plants.

Today it is known that the ancient Egyptians, the Greeks and other cultures used medicinal plants in various ways, and today, in the modern era, there are quite a few people who prefer to try the alternative medicine the natural one (even before a conventional therapy), where healing is done by using medicinal plants and not by chemical and synthetic drugs.

In the past, medicinal plants used to be a significant therapeutic means that helped to cure a sick person. Various parts of the plant were used. With some plants the roots were used and with some plants their leaves or their flowers were used.

Nowadays, herbal medicine, or Herbalism, is based on the accumulated knowledge collected in the ancient cultures about the use of these effective plants, with an additional aspect namely the scientific aspect. Scientific studies are currently conducted that check the function of the different substances that are present in medicinal plants and how it affects the various systems in our body.

China has been, and still is, one of the cultures where medicinal plants have been a common and practical therapeutic means. The method in China has been, and still is, to create formulas of medicinal plants targeted to treat different health conditions. Thus, for example, it is possible to find even today Chinese formulas that combine a collection of medicinal plants for treating a cold, for treating headaches and migraines, joint pains, obesity, dermatological problems, chronic fatigue, attention deficit hyperactivity disorders (ADHD), intensified libido and many more. Medicinal plants are in China an integral part of the world of medicine.

In recent years, the world of syntactic medicines that we use has become based on plants with chemical additives. Thus, for example, the source of the well known morphine designed to relieve pain is the poppy and so are many other synthetic medications.

Therapy with natural remedies has become very common in recent years and therefore many people switch to this type of therapy. Natural or herbal medications speak for themselves referring, in actual fact, to the treatment of ailments by using nature, with medicinal plants and not by using chemical substances.

Why is it worthwhile to treat by using natural medications and not chemical medications?

Therapy with chemical medications has, in many cases, side effects or some damage to other organs as a result of using the medications.

In addition, there are ailments or chronic pains for which conventional medicine has not yet found the proper medication or when the drug therapy is a long one, for instance 3-6 months, as compared to herbal medicine that shows outstanding results.

If it is possible to cure a problem or a certain disease by using formulas of medicinal plants it is, of course, preferable to inserting chemical materials into our body. Natural healthcare is gaining momentum and recognition by many responsible bodies in medicine and currently it is possible to hear many recommendations regarding various herbal medications also from doctors who specialize in the field.

In addition, nowadays millions of people are turning to natural/herbal therapy after they have given up on conventional medications or having received no response to their ailment, and having realized that the obvious advantage of medicinal plants is that they have practically no side effects.

The FDA, the American Health Ministry, has reported zero deaths due to using medicinal plants, while prescribed medications were the cause of death of over 1 million Americans annually. The medications are harmful because they are based on inorganic compounds that the human body cannot necessarily digest and assimilate. These medications are able to conceal symptoms and to treat pain or inflammation but it doesn’t mean that they are treating the reason for the pain or for the inflammation such as an autoimmune disease (the body attacks itself), while with herbal medicine the healing is targeted to cure the reason for the disease or the pain.

And finally, it is the plants that treat and help the decrease in symptoms regularly.

The information on this site is intended to provide information only and does not replace medical examination and/or medical consultation.

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